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June 17, 2020
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June 19, 2020

Uth Oye – A Wake-up Call

Musical Cats Theatre Series

“Education, Anti-Drugs & Health”

The aim of this drama is to convey the social messages, to highlight the Importance of Education, Health Preventives and to wage an Anti-Drugs campaign
SDG Goals Achieved!Following UN SDG Goals Achieved!

  • Goal #4 Quality Education
  • Goal #3 Good Health
  • Goal #17 Partnerships for the Goals

About Project:

Thespianz staged 9 days musical theatre festival with first time in Pakistan “Cats Musical” play in Urdu language. The aim of this dazzling musical theatre performance was to convey the social messages, to highlight the Importance of Education, Health Preventives and to wage an Anti-Drugs campaign. That is why the play has been named as “Uth Oye” which means “Wake Up”. There was around 21,000 thousand audience, which includes the students, teachers, parents, and the general public to get benefited from this musical play. The writer Nouman Mehmood said, “This drama is an endeavor to promote awareness amongst the blooming generation because they are our future and it is mandatory to make aware and educate our youth to turn the future bright. This drama is full of entertainment and filled with the social messages.







Uth Oye - Thespianz (11)

Play Synopsis

The story of the musical play spins around three innocent and educated cats named Marry, Jerry and Parry who are living in a beautiful and well-settled home belonged to their master uncle Billu. Uncle Bilal, mischievously called Billu, is a nice and kind-hearted person and has tamed these cats with much care and dedication. Bilal is a man of rich manners and discipline and has never allowed the cats to go out of home for the world outside is full of strange and unreliable people who may teach them evil deeds and spoil their characters. One day, uncle has to go out for a few days and the three cats, charged with curiosity and lust for enjoying world around them, plan to take full advantage of uncle’s absence and to go outside. Drifting further in the streets, they, consequently, reached a mafia-controlled slums and come across a Black Cats Gang. This group of bad cats uses drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and is suffering many diseases due to unhygienic living and evil habits.

Project Overall Impact


Children Aware About Drug's Harm

This ten day long theatre festival has received more than 10,000 audience especially children from several schools of Karachi. As a outcome of the project, the youngster absorb the message of drug’s harm and related diseases with the drug usage as well as a vast number of attendees learn about importance of education to get rid of bad habits.




School Participated

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Changed Mind

News Coverage

Uth Oye - - Success Story - Thespianz

Success Story

15 Year old Wahid Niaz shared his experience witnessing the Thespianz’s “Uth Oye” and his story was jaw-dropping for every human being sitting in the open air of Arts Council, Karachi. Wahid said“This theatre play evoked the memories adjacent to my past when I was 12 years old and suffered with the alleged drug abuse” But by the grace of god and my parents who took me to the rehabilitation center on-time, I have recovered. “The segment that I would like to share today on this stage, after witnessing this play, is that If witnessed this play back in time when I was 12 years old so I COULD NOT HAVE USED OF DRUGS, and COULD SAVE MY WASTED TIME & HEALTH the same thing I am feeling for my friends those urged me to use drugs. This play is very strong and I think it can convince any drug addicted to quit that and can prevent any child/youngster to start drugging.


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