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June 24, 2020
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July 2, 2020

Thespianz SALU Folk Festival

Jamshed Sabri Brothers (Coke Studio) famous Qawwal Performing Qawwali in the Festival


Peace Day Celebration

More than 200 Folk Artists Gathering to Celebrate International Peace Day with through Thespianz SALU Four Days Folk Festival.

About Project:

A massive 4 day long Folk Festival by Thespianz Foundation in collaboration with Shah Abdul Latif University – SALU, Khairpur was an initiative to celebrate International Peace Day and spread harmony among University’s students. The festival received more than 200 famous and underground both artist from all over Pakistan those performed their master pieces and endorsed the peaceful co-existence in this remote city of Sindh – Khairpur.

There were comprehensive training sessions by Thespianz’s skilled trainers was also involved prior to the few weeks of this festival to enlighten the students about arts, theatre and public speaking.

Training Sessions:

Team Thespianz conducted the training workshops with 55 students of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. The participants of the workshops were briefed and trained regarding the creative ways and means through which they can counter the radicalization and extremism within the society.

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Famous Festival Artists


Wahid Allan Faqir

Folk Singer

Folk artist who continues the legacy of famous Pakistani Sindhi Folk Performer/Artist Alan Faqeer. He performs sufi kalaam with absolute passion while wearing a colorful ethnic outfit.
It was a great honor to perform in Thespianz SALU Folk Festival to promoting Peace and Harmony

Junaid Akram

Famous Comedian

Social media sensation, stand-up comedian, social worker and aspiring actor, Junaid Akram has seen it all, from waiting tables during his early life to being a big shot broker in the UAE, to risking it all and returning to Pakistan just for the sake of seeing his own people smile.
``Violence Ko Khalli Karao`` (Bid Farewell to the Violence) was my best ever session I hold in Thespianz SALU Folk Festival. I am glad to have joined this Festival

Nighat Chaudhry

Kathak Dancer

She is a trained classical dancer. She learn from Birju Maharaj and other well-known world’s classical teachers including Nahid Siddiqui. She has performed in many countries round the globe. She is performing on the theme of Peace, love, tolerance and humanity woven into classical dance performance through poetry written by famous poets like Romi and Faiz.
The opportunity to perform in Thespianz SALU Folk Festival allowed me to furnish something for noble cause of peace promotion. I enjoyed performing my dance piece for Kashmir's Freedom

Sain Zahoor

Folk Singer (Coke Studio)

Saieen Zahoor is a famous folk performer of Pakistan. He spent his most part of his life to perform in shrines and in large scale festivals. He performed on folk instrument “Ektara” in it’s three stringed version called Tumbi as his main instrument. He is an internationally acclaimed artist performed in UK, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Germany & USA.
Thespianz Folk Festival was a great journey for me to mix my classical with the peace and create a fusion that changes the lives positively.

Jamshed Sabri Brothers

Famous Qawwals (Coke Studio)

Jamshed Sabri and Naveed Sabri Qawal are the famous name of Pakistani Qawali. The sons of Ustad Warsi Qawal. The Family has the 50 years of Qawali history and a proponent of the Sufi Muslim tradition. They recently performed the famous Qawali Track in Coke Studio Tajdar-e-Haram by Atif Aslam.
Our society needs these kinds of more Folk Festivals to promote the peace values among the students and general public. We did not know that our Qawwali can promote peace this much

Krishan Laal Bheel (Late)

Thari Singer

Krishan Lal Bheel hailed from Cholistan, he played the Ektara as he’s famous for its traditional performance, traditional instrument, colorful dress with the folk musicians. He sung Cholistani Sufi songs. He dresses up his local costume and creates an aura through the various aspects of his performance.
I will always remember the experience I feel while performing in Thespianz Folk Festival. I congratulate Team Thespianz for such an effective approach to promoting peace values.

Festival Overview:

The Festival inaugurated by General Officer Commanding Major General Tahir Hameed – 16 Division – Pakistan Army along with his staff Brigadiers and Majors. During his speech, he appreciated Thespianz Foundation and Shah Abdul Latif University – Khairpur’s efforts to organize a grand Folk Festival in upper Sindh region. He quoted many quotes of Peace and tolerance and showed his desired to be remain calm and anti-extremism efforts.

The famous Sindhi singer, Muhammad Sharif Abbasi sang Vai of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and the audience praised him because of Sufi Saint’s poetry. The Vice Chancellor of Shah Abdul Latif University – Khairpur Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah gave the welcome remarks and praised Thespianz Foundation to bring the Grand Folk Festival in SALU. She expressed the interest to collaborate more festivals in Shah Abdul Latif University – Khairpur with Thespianz Foundation. Thespianz and SALU jointly gave Shields and Souvenirs to the all distinguish guests at the opening ceremony.

A group from Azad Jammu Kashmir presenting Kashmiri Dances

Many Vice-Chancellors from different Universities specially traveled from all over the country and grace the special remarks in the Festival. Prof. Dr. Zia-ul-Qayum, Vice-Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University – Islamabad, Dr. Raza Bhatti – Vice Chancellor – Shah Abdul Latif University – Shikarpur Campus, Dr. Huma Bukhari – Newport University – Karachi, Additional I.G. Sindh Dr. Jamil Ahmed, ASP Khairpur – Dr. Imran Niazi, Javed Sadiq – Former U.S. Diplomate, Engineer Abdul Ghaffar Shaikh – Rotary Club, Lala Ghafar (President – Khairpur Chamber of Commerce), Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Deans of SALU, Dr. Imdad Sehto, Dr. Mir Munsif Talpur, Dr. Mumtaz Mehar, Dr. Mumtaz Junejo, Dr. Noor Shah, Taj Lashari – Media Ghulam Mustufa Buledi, Liaqat Ali Chandio, Dr. Irum Laghari, Dr. Mio Laghari, Asia Ruk – Wardon Girls Hostels, Murad Pirzada – Director Sports, Asad Raza Abdi – Registrar, Ghulam Shabeer Phulpoto – Chief Security Officer, Muhammad Yusuf Kurio – Area Manager – Sindh Bank.

Sarfraz Kurejo – Executive Director – Students Advancement Fund Endowment – SALU was the person who especially facilitated the Festival.

Chairmen Thespianz Faisal Malik moderating the famous comedian Junaid Akram’s session “Violence Ko Khalli Karao”

First performance

Festival began with the performance of Famous Pakistani Folk Singer Wahid Alan Faqeer, he staged and sang famous poetry of famous sufi saints Shah Abdul Latif – Allah Allah Kar Bhaya, Hazrat Suchal Sarmast – Sung Mela Man Mela, Hazrat Miral Faqeer – Neender na Cheray, Ustad Alan Faqeer – Muuon Ray Meehar, Suraya Mastani – Tera Sewan Rahay Abaad. During his performance the audience were enjoying and dancing with these poetries.

Wahid Allan Faqir endorsing the peace existence through his actions

Second Performance

Sain Zahoor and his musician team sang famous song Allah Hoo, Kanjri, Lagi Bina, Dil da Rasta, Sindhi Poetry too. The Sufi Poets includes Bullay Shah, Shah Latif Bhittai, Hazrat Suchal Sarmast, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The audience were waiting for Sain Zahoor Performance and they enjoyed. He came all the way from Lahore in 14 hours by road drive.

Nighat Chaudhry paying tribute to Azad Jammu Kashmir through her masterpiece

Third Performance of Day 1

A famous Classical Kathak Dance Performer Nighat Chaudry, she also came from Lahore and stayed 2 days in Khairpur, because wanted to enjoy the second day of the festival. She performed three pieces of Classical work a) “We are Kashmir” this performance was in English. Second performance in Nida Fazli’s poetry “Safar Me Dhoop to hogi” and the third one was Hazrat Ameer Khusro – Aaj Rung He. The performance was full of colors and the energy she had in her dances was amazing. The majority of the audience liked her performance.

Additional I.G. Sindh Dr. Jamil Ahmed enjoying festival’s performances

Forth and last performance of Day

Thespianz’s “Colors of Sindh” A magnificently choreographed folk performances to bring to light on Sindh folk culture in line with folk subsistence and narrating the rituals and folk practices in the Sindh Provinces and this performance by Thespianz team of Dancers.

Female students celebrating peace in Thespianz Folk Festival’s performance

It is a matter of pride as being a part of the core organizing team. Since from start, I have attended several festivals and it was my dream to be a part of any big festival as the main organizer which now comes true. It is a very vibrant initiative that Thespianz Foundation is taking in our university. I believe that these kind of events would be a great source for the students living in the control mindset to get the exposure and counter such elements through folk festivals.

Ayesha Imran – Student Business Administration – SALU

Positive Deviation:

The audience response was outstanding, even we cannot get this number of audience in big cities as people are busy in their lives, but in Khairpur, we are amazed that the University staff keep informing us that people are coming to attend from 200 KM in the surrounding villages/cities/towns of Sindh. Even few audience people talked to Thespianz team that they came from Karachi and Lahore only to attend this festival. The Local Staff of the University said that most of the program in Shah Abdul Latif University faced student clashes, but this Festival was historical where not a single clash happened between the students.

Poppular Sessions of Thespianz SALU Folk Festival

Most Popular Sessions

The selected sessions that have been well received among the audience and being most vibrant for promoting peace while countering violence & extremism.

A Limelight on Sufism

The most popular session the whole day, where the heads of the major shrines of Sindh such as Dr. Waqar Hussain Shah – Sajada Nasheen Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Dr. Syed Mehdi Reza Shah – Sjada Nasheen Lal Shahbaz Qalander, Khuwaja Moinduin Mehboob Kureja – Head of Kot Mithan Shrine, KHuwaja Abdul Haq Fariiqui – Sajada Nasheen Lawari Sharif, Javed Sadiq – Former U.S. Diplomate, Munawar Wasan – Member of Provincial Assembly – Sindh discussed that how Folk and Sufism can bring Peace and Tolerance in Pakistan, however Masood Lohar – Head Coordinator of UNDP – Sindh facilitated the session, the session was followed by Q/A session.

Thespianz Puppetry & Matka Cultural Dance

A glorious Matka cultural dance performed by Jholay Laal Group leading by Moharram Ali Arfani specialized in Mughlia Matka dance, and Darbari Matka Dance. The artists also performed in major countries of the world and many times in Dubai.

Cultural Dances:

From the Thespianz’s performance showcase, a delightful foreword of Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi and Pashtoon tribe and traditions, means, existence, heritages and folk narrative on the beat of Balochi reprising melodies that will blow your mind. Thespianz Dancers Performed Balochi performances.

Sachal Sung Kalaams:

Suchal Sung – Hazrat Suchal Sarmast Kalams by Shrine’s singers. Sachal Sung – Sachal Sung – Khairpur is also known as city of  Hazrat Sachal Sarmast. The kalam by Sachal Sarmast is set to a tune inspired from the traditional Sindhi dhamal rhythm and will also be the part of Folk festival by local performer Sachal Sarmast Shrine.

Munawwar Wasan – MPA Khairpur Speech

The Ending Ceremony:

The ending ceremony Chief Guest was Munawar Wasan – Member of Provincial Assembly – Sindh and he is the MPA from Khairpur. He continuously attended all four days of festivals.  Both Vice-Chancellors Prof. Dr. Parveen and Prof. Dr. Raza Butti and all deans/faculty/students attended the ending ceremony with this promise that Thespianz will again organize the same kind of the festival next year.


150 students of Volunteer committees awarded with Certificated and Guest awarded with Shields by Thespianz. Ending Ceremony summed up the folk festival to endorse the peace existence n the region along with the civil society and peace stakeholders in Khairpur.

Project Overall Impact


Students Participated

Thespianz Folk Festival is seriously a game changer for the University, its students and event for the Vice Chancellor. The students and management of the University informed Thespianz team that there is never a single history of Shah Abdul Latif University in the past to have these kind of biggest Folk festival. Students told us, “whenever any big/small festival or event organized, the peace environment of the university seemed lacking that consequently causes the cancellation of the event” The Political groups doesn’t seemed comfortable to accept the other groups or alliance during any event that urged the management to not organize any big gathering.



Folk Artists


Trained Students

Students Attended

Project Location:

Succes Stories

I heartily congratulate Team Thespianz and the Administration of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur for taking such an amazing initiative for the students in order to bring their talent out. Earlier, I was thinking that this festival would be like all the other festivals but after interacting with the team and attending several workshops and engagement sessions I came to know the aims and objectives behind this. This is such a great initiative in our university to hold a festival on peace and to counter violent extremism which is indeed needed in our university. I will be glad to work with the team Thespianz as a committee member and an agent to promote peace and diversity.

Fatima Abro –Management Sciences Student


I am really blessed that the team Thespianz has selected me as the part of the committee member in organizing such a grand festival. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of the festival team and the training workshops that made me able to learn about the acting and dramatics through which we can play our role in the society as the peace promoters. Thespianz is providing such a grand platform to the students of the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur which will not only help us to learn but also to participate which was neglected since years in our university.

Ali Murtaza –Sociology Student

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