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June 19, 2020

Chulbuk Chori

series of children theatres & flashmobs on

“Anti Piracy”

To raise awareness about Pakistan’s Copyright Ordinance, 1962 (amended in 2000) Thespianz & Oxford University Press (OUP) joined hands and cope with pirate publishers executed a series of children theatres and dancing flashmobs in Sindh, Punjab and KPK region.
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About Project:

The book you are reading if pirated, you must educate yourself first for for the book read – on this touchy note, Thespianz Team designed an amazing children musical play called “Chulbuk Chori” to sensitize the children and a series of groovy flashmobs of skilled dancers to target the youth and elders for raising awareness of Anti Piracy, it’s harms and prevention. The play was in collaboration with Oxfor University Press, Pakistan (OUP) and staged 15 theatrical shows along with the 15 dancing flashmobs in many schools, universities, colleges, cultural spaces, museums and shopping malls of Sindh, Punjab and KPK region.







Chulbuk Chori - Thespianz (3)

Play Synopsis

The play’s story revolved around the famous tale written by Dr. Spencer Johnson “Who Moved My Cheese” and showed the sequel life of this story’s chief characters (two mice and two dwarf) stuck between two different lessons of the same book from same grade. They eventually decides to investigate the publishing error and unfold the piracy world where thief publishers are engaged publishing tons of pirated books of well-known publishers. The play concluded with the strong awareness of “punishment assigned under Pakistani Piracy Law 2000” and some real case studies.

Project Overall Impact


About Anti Piracy Law

The project analytics was amazing as it has created a strong awareness about the Pakistan’s Anti Piracy Law to among the children and Youth of Sindh, Punjab and KPK. In the evaluation process, we have received 1535 positive surveys highlighting the ratio of sensitization under this project “Chulbuk Chori”.





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Youth Attended

Project Locations:

News Coverages

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Chulbuk Chori - Thespianz

Success Story

14 years old Sakina Imtiaz matriculation student from Islamabad couldn’t resist to tell us how much she liked the play and the Flashmob for raising awareness about anti-piracy. She stated I even did not know that our book even can be pirated and the source which is giving us education itself can be scammed and harm the original publisher. Thespianz team has delivered this message to us in a very engaging and entertaining way through their beautiful mascot characters and strong story-line which we cannot forget in our entire life and implement the piracy evaluation we learned in this play for any book we will purchase ever.” Except Sakina, there were a number of students and youngster reflecting the same school of thought after witnessing the play and the flashmob under “Chulbuk Chori” project.


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