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June 15, 2020
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June 18, 2020

Babu (Officer)

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“Literacy Awareness”

Every individual has right to get Education and this project has been executed with this believe and blessed thousand of individuals with a sense to get educated.
SDG Goals Achieved!Following UN SDG Goals Achieved!

  • Goal #4 Quality Education
  • Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities
  • Goal #17 Partnerships for the Goals

About Project:

This campaign has been performed through a mobile theatre on a truck and went to the less privileged areas of Karachi city and spread Educational Awareness among the underprivileged community. The campaign has been covered by numerous Tv channels and print media as well. The audience expressed their delight by loud applaud at the end of the performance. Post-performance surveys were conducted to collect audience feedback and to measure the impact of the campaign.







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Play Synopsis

Play’s story revolves around a 16 years old boy “Kamal” wanting to pursue his education and become a sophisticated human being in the vulnerable area of Karachi. His father doesn’t want him to go school and get education as he believes educated people are not good and not earn enough so he prefer to get him with him on the masonry work.
Kamal put efforts to continues his education by preparing for the exam all night while goes with his father to the masonry work all the day. He compromised his sleeps and get a reward of being topper in the matriculation exams that leaves his father speechless and he touched by his practice.

Project Overall Impact

1468People Sensitized

To Get Education

According to the surveys, 96.8% audience was satisfied with the street theatre performance and they’ve well received the message of “Importance of Education”. Whereas, 87.67% people committed to sending their children to the schools for getting Education those were not attending at prior to the performance.




Districts Covered

People Watched

Changed Mind
Location Significance:

We went to the most vulnerable and remote location in Sindh, Pakistan and covered 10 districts that mostly lacking the education. Before finalizing locations, Thespianz partnered with the location NGO’s in all 10 districts of Sindh where project took place. The partner organizations helped us choose the most deprived areas that are lacking education and has less ratio of school attendance and admissions.

Babu - Thespianz

Success Story

12 years old Hamza touched by the play and felt the character “Kamal” inside him as we also want to get education but due to his father’s traditional mindset he wasn’t able to pursue his dreams. As he said “I get my father with me to watch this play because I knew this play will change his mind as it touched me also. When my father watched this performance, he did not say any single word and went home. I was scared that he will surely be angry on me but eventually this play touched him too and he said you will also get education like Kamal (character) did”
This is not one success story but there are many people especially parents who prevent their children to get education was so much sensitized by witnessing this play and changed their minds on this fact that education will make complete their children and provide a sophisticated way of life.


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