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June 11, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Aab-e-Waba ( Water of Disease )


“Water & Sanitation Awareness”

A Thought Provoking series of Interactive mime Theatre play “Aab-e-Waba” staged in the most remote areas of Interior Sindh.
SDG Goals Achieved!Following UN SDG Goals Achieved!

  • Goal #6 Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Goal #3 Good Health
  • Goal #13 Climate Action
  • Goal #15 Life on Land

About Project:

Thespianz took it’s flying theatre (mobile theatre on a truck) to the Interior Sindh. Team Thespianz aimed to spread awareness about the hygiene of water and prevention of dirty water along it’s effect to the human health. In June’s hot summer, Thespianz went to the 7 districts of Interior Sindh and visited mostly remote and far flung areas of Interior Sindh in which Jan Muhammad Jamali Village, Tando Muhammad Khan and Jhoole Laal Village were also included. These names are very new for the people as these areas are far flung from the Interior Sindh where people event don’t know that they should wash their hands after using restrooms. In such areas, awareness is necessary needed to wake them up and let them know about the pros and cons of healthy lifestyle. Campaign went wonderful from the aspect of awareness though Thespianz’s 3 team members got badly ill even one one team member has been sent back to the Karachi through ambulance due to the high sickness and worst effect of hot summer.







Project Overall Impact


To Use Clean Water

Through this street theatre campaign we have staged a mime theatre play called “Aab-e-Waba” for a better understanding of an illiterate person. The campaign staged in the most remote areas of Interior Sindh and aware the vulnerable population about the harms of consuming contaminated water.




Districts Covered

People Watched

Changed Mind
Location Significance:

The project areas have been selected after a survey conducted by Thespianz team about the villages that has an increasing use of contaminated water and have a vast ratio of water related diseases. Mostly remote and far flung areas covered in this project are not even exists on the Google map but has a negative magnitude about water and sanitation such as Jan Muhammad Jamali Village, Tando Muhammad Khan and Jhoole Laal Village etc.

Success Story

A “Thari Women – Sughra Bibi” was so much involve in the theatre play “Aab-e-Waba” and shared her remarks about the learning she adopted from the play. According to Sughra Bibi “We have been using contaminated water from decades, pouring it to our infant kids and using it for the cooking purposes. On the other side we have a number of dangerous diseases included (her defined words) Diarrhoea, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Giardia, Dysentery, Escherichia Coli (E. coli) and even Hepatitis A can easily found in our community. After watching this play we get to know how to cope with these waterborne diseases and how to maintain our basic hygiene to prevent from the viruses”. The people of this village being serving water from a swamp. The results of water testing showed an extremely high risk for dangerous pathogens like typhoid, harmful strains of E. coli, and other waterborne diseases. Unless this community—which is already experiencing extreme poverty—pays for a taxi to drive into town for expensive, bottled water, they have no choice but to keep drinking from the swamp but with the hygiene awareness and water boiling practices that has been taught through the play, they can reduce the risk.


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